Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler: Functionality and Style Combined

Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Functionality and Style Combined

Wine connoisseurs or even just wine fans will definitely know the value of a wine cooler. It is not just a place where you chill your wine prior to serving it, but it is also where your wine can develop its flavor and essence before you enjoy it. That is because, in reality, wine can be a hassle to keep since it changes in taste, color, and even consistency based on the conditions of where you store it. So, if you are a regular wine drinker or collector, you definitely need a good wine cooler.

The manufacturer of the Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler claims that this product exudes an elegant design worthy of holding your expensive or even affordable wine bottles. Hence, in this article, we will thoroughly review this wine cooler and list down its features. We are also going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using it. Further, we are going to compare it with a similar wine cooler to determine which one is better.

Is this the wine cooler of your dreams? Or would you rather stick to your refrigerator? Read on to find out.

Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Probably the most eye-catching feature of this wine cooler is its glass door that is black tinted since it adds a mysterious effect to the overall design. At the same time, the cabinets that are also black look so sleek especially when the lights inside are turned on because they reflect the color of the bottles against the black surface.

Other Features:

  • This wine cooler can hold up to 20 wine bottles that are of the standard size.
  • It has a handle that is recessed for a space-saving feature.
  • It has five shelves that are removable and are made of premium stainless steel that was scalloped and trimmed.
  • The tinted glass door also helps protect the wine bottles against the UV rays that might alter the preservation or chilling process.
  • It is equipped with thermoelectric cooling technology, so you will be assured that it runs quietly and without a lot of vibrations.
  • The control panel has a digital design that is also soft to the touch.
  • The temperature range is from 46° F to 65° F.
  • The LED lights inside the cooler were made to look soft. At the same time, it comes with an on and off switch.
  • The measurement of the machine is 20.5″ Long, 15.79″ Wide, and 22″ High.


  • The size of the cooler is a perfect fit for most standard-sized counters.
  • It works with little to no noise.
  • It can cool down or chill wine in just an hour.
  • It looks good, especially when the light is turned on.
  • The tinted glass door is also an added safeguard against the proper chilling of your wine.
  • It is effortless to set up.
  • Initial cooling down is also fast since it only takes two hours.
  • It is very durable.
  • It can maintain the temperature that you set.
  • The control panel is easy to manipulate.


  • It is not designed for oversized bottles, so you have to adjust its shelves for the bigger bottles to fit.
  • The drip tray is too small, so there is a high risk of overflow.
  • There is a problem with the control pad. Since the buttons are too soft, a slight brush will punch in that accidental nudge. Also, you have to push on some options slightly longer for them to register.
  • The glass door is not really that strong that it can shatter easily with the right amount of force.

A Summary of what the Product Offers

The Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler has a sleek design due to the black tinted glass door, as well as the black cabinets. It can hold 20 wine bottles that are of regular size. With thermoelectric cooling technology, it functions more efficiently and silently. Likewise, since the range of the temperature is from 46° F to 65° F, it is ideal for holding both red and white wine.

Another thing to note is the easy-to-use digital control display, but you just have to make sure that you press it with the right amount of pressure. Nonetheless, in terms of pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, it also comes with LED lights inside to illuminate the bottles. Definitely, your wine bottles will be chilling in style in this wine cooler. Lastly, with a well thought-off size, it can be placed underneath the kitchen or bar counter or even below freestanding television racks.

Comparison with the Electro Boss Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The Electro Boss Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is a wine cooler that also stores red and white wine bottles with style with the help of the built-in LED lights. However, it is two wine bottles short compared to the Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler in terms of capacity.

At the same time, the design of this wine cooler is just all over the place. It looks like a typical refrigerator turned into a computer case. Also, there are far too many unnecessary lights that you might mistake it for being a UFO invasion. Nevertheless, it is a good thing that it can fit different sizes of wine bottles compared to the one from Whynter where you can only fit the slim bottles.


The Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is perfect for people who value quality and elegance. With looks alone, this wine cooler can make you buy it but what is great about it is that it also has the functions to back up its design.

Although it is not perfect due to its disadvantages that we mentioned previously, these cons can really be looked over because they are not that big problems. Probably, the biggest flaw is the fact that you really cannot fit bigger bottles in there but a quick solution to that is to adjust the top rack to make space for the bigger bottles.

The outstanding feature of this wine cooler is definitely the cooling technology that not only maintains your desired temperature but also does it in a way where your house will keep its peace. For sure, this wine cooler will be appreciated by wine aficionados.

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