Why Use A Wine Cooler: A Guide to Keeping it Classy

Why Use A Wine Cooler: A Guide to Keeping it Classy

Life is all fun and games until you are faced with one of the greatest problems there is: how to keep a wine bottle cool for longer periods of time. Sure, you can stick it in a bucket full of ice and be left with a dripping wet bottle.

Or, you can choose to invest in a wine cooler. Maybe you still wonder: why use a wine cooler when you can just simply use an ice bucket?

If the above-mentioned reason is still not enough to convince you to purchase a good wine cooler, then this post is definitely for you. Here, you will find practical reasons to get yourself that wine cooler you have been eyeing for some time now.

But first, allow us to tell you what a wine cooler is and explain its many different kinds.

What is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is an appliance that is used to store and chill bottles of wine to achieve their optimal drinking temperatures. It can also be a sleeve made of a special, nontoxic gel formula or a bucket-like structure that is most commonly made from marble or stainless-steel used to chill one or two bottles of wine.

Different kinds of wine have varying ideal serving temperatures, where it helps bring out the delicious taste of the drink. Most of the time, when we want our wine chilled, we just simply chuck it in the freezer for a few minutes, and we are good to go. However, the wine will only stay chilled for a couple of minutes.

Different Kinds of Wine Coolers

The need to have a bottle of wine stay chilled for hours gave rise to the invention of wine coolers. Back in the day, we simply use a bucket filled with ice and water.

The problem with this method is that it will leave the bottle dripping wet and there is also an increased chance of having some water mixed in your drink while you pour it into your glass.

Below, you will find the different types of wine coolers that you can find on the market today. These are increasingly becoming popular in the food and beverage industry for both professional and home use.

Sleeve Wine Cooler

In order to address the problem with using ice buckets to chill wine, experts came up with a device used to cool wine on-the-go called the sleeve wine cooler. This pouch-like ice pack is placed in the freezer for an hour or more.

After it becomes frozen, you may use it as a wine bottle jacket to keep your wine cool for an entire meal, during a picnic, or a trip to the beach.

A sleeve wine cooler is usually made of a nontoxic gel that is intelligently designed to cool fast. This method of keeping a bottle of wine chilled for hours works best on bottles that have already been cooled beforehand.

Bucket-Like Wine Cooler

Similar in appearance to a wine bucket yet this one does not require the use of ice or water and therefore keep the bottle dry. Instead, it comes with a removable gel pack that you store in the freezer for a few hours.

Once the gel pack is chilled, it is placed back into the bucket-like vessel, and it can keep a bottle of wine cool for up to five hours.

Wine Cooler Fridge

On the other hand, there are also wine coolers that look like a mini-fridge wherein you can store and chill several bottles at the same time. These are increasingly becoming a must-have appliance in modern homes today, especially those who live in small spaces where having a wine cellar is impossible.

Why Use a Wine Cooler

So, why use a wine cooler, you ask? Depending on your personal needs, you can benefit from the different kinds of wine coolers mentioned above.

If you are like us who like to store different kinds of wine to complement certain meals, then you should definitely consider investing in a good quality wine cooler. Here are the reasons why you should do so:

Less Expensive than Cellars

If you live in the city, odds are you do not have a place that you can transform into a cellar. Most often than not, you live in a high-rise building where having a basement to store your precious wine bottles in is next to impossible.

The solution: buying a wine cooler fridge. This modern kitchen appliance comes in many sizes from ones that fit around five bottles to hundreds at the same time.

Depending on your personal needs, you can find a wine cooler fridge that can store your wine collection.

More Effective than Refrigerators

Normal kitchen refrigerators run at a temperature that is too cold for most wines. Additionally, the fact that it is stored alongside different kinds of food and smells results in an increased risk of affecting the taste and smell of your wine.

A wine cooler has the perfect temperature, stability, exclusiveness, and humidity control to make sure that the wine stays in its best state. Plus, it will also allow you to store fewer bottles and more food in your fridge.

Affordable and Low-Maintenance Storage

Compared to wine cellars and refrigerators, wine coolers are less expensive and costs less to maintain. The size is just right to store a couple of wine bottles, so it is definitely more eco-friendly and saves valuable energy.

Allows You to Serve Wine at the Proper Temperature

Both the sleeve and bucket-like wine coolers make it possible for you to serve wine at exactly the right temperature it should be served. Instead of using an ice bucket, you can invest in these remarkable and innovative products to make sure that your bottle stays at the optimal drinking temperature for hours.

Final Words

From the sleeve wine cooler that allows us to have a cool drink on-the-go, the bucket-like wine cooler that makes it possible to serve wine without soaking the bottle in ice and water, and the wine cooler fridge, which provides an even more effective wine storage solution than a refrigerator or a cellar.

Technology continues to provide us with products that make our lives easier and more fun to live.

As our needs change through time, we always come up with innovative products such as these wine coolers. They come in many different kinds in order to serve our varying needs.

All we need to do now is to discover which one works best in addressing our personal requirements and preferences.

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Amy Winters - November 16, 2018 Reply

I’m glad you pointed out that buying a wine cooler is a good idea because most kitchen refrigerators run at a temperature that’s too cold for most wines. I’ve always loved wine, so I’ve been considering getting a wine cooler to simplify my home wine storage. I didn’t know that putting a wine bottle into a regular kitchen fridge would cause the temperature to drop below the ideal for chilled wine, so thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely be getting myself a nice wine cooler now.

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