Why are Wine Coolers Called Wine Coolers: Getting to Know Your Wine Cooler

Why are Wine Coolers Called Wine Coolers: Getting to Know Your Wine Cooler

Most of us would agree that different kinds of wine have to be stored and served at a certain temperature to ensure the best taste and smell. Back in the day, this was hard to achieve because of the lack of devices that keeps wine cool after it has been taken out of the fridge.

But, thanks to wine coolers we can enjoy a cool glass of wine for an extended period of time. If you are asking: why are wine coolers called wine coolers? This article is for you.

But before we go and answer that question, allow us to tell you first what a wine cooler is. In this post, you will also be introduced to the many different kinds of wine coolers as well as some tips and advice on which type of wine cooler you should get based on your personal needs and preferences.

So, What is a Wine Cooler Exactly?

Wine coolers are basically what its name suggests; it is a product used to chill a bottle or a couple of bottles of wine. It cools it down to the exact temperature that it should be in order to bring out the flavor and smell that it has.

Back in the day, we used to chill wine, champagne, and other kinds of beverages in a bucket that is filled with ice and water. It allows us to serve a glass of wine that is cooled to perfection.

However, once the ice has melted and the water has cooled down, the wine also starts to warm up and we would need to refill the bucket with a fresh batch of ice.

Another problem that this method of cooling wine poses is that the bottle becomes dripping and the bucket starts to make a puddle of water on the table, which is not very nice when we are serving drinks to important guests. These are only some of the reasons why most of us opt to invest in a good quality wine cooler.

Still, most of us ask: why are wine coolers called wine coolers?

Why are Wine Coolers Called Wine Coolers?

As has been mentioned above, a wine cooler is a container used to chill a bottle of wine to a suitable temperature. And, it is called as such for the reason that it functions the way that it does—to cool wine.

Wine coolers have been around for hundreds of years, taking on different forms to accommodate the changing needs of its users. It was the Italians who first used ice rooms or iceboxes to chill and store their wines in.

As technology developed, so did the methods of storing and cooling wine bottles. With the discovery of commercial refrigeration, where chemicals and liquids are used to create an endothermic reaction, state-of-the-art wine coolers emerged and were made available to the public.

Modern wine coolers boast having the ability to chill an entire bottle of wine in just a couple of minutes. This mini fridge-like container is very portable and is powered by chemicals and electricity that collectively reduce the temperature of the liquid in a matter of minutes.

The Different Kinds of Wine Cooler

Depending on one’s personal needs, there are different kinds of wine coolers that are available on the market today. Hundreds of brands from throughout the world continue to come up with innovative ideas to make sure that their product delivers the best results. Basically, wine coolers have three different types: sleeve, bucket-like, and mini fridge.

Sleeve Wine Cooler

A sleeve wine cooler is like a pouch that is packed with a non-toxic gel formula. It is placed in a freezer for one hour or more, allowing it to freeze. Once it is cold enough, it is wrapped around the wine bottle, and it keeps it cool for about four to five hours.

Through this method, you can have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine on-the-go. You can bring it with you during picnics or on fishing and hunting trips.

Some invest in more than one sleeve wine cooler to be able to chill several bottles at the same time.

Bucket-Like Wine Cooler

This method of cooling wine is quite similar in procedure to the abovementioned wine cooler. It comes with a gel pack that you put in the freezer.

However, instead of wrapping it directly on the bottle, it is placed in a bucket-like container where you would then put the bottle in, and it chills your drink without using ice or water.

Some models of this kind of wine cooler also come with a temperature reader. On the other hand, there are also models that are made of marble, which naturally cools down bottles without the use of electricity.

Fridge Wine Cooler

Similar to a fridge, this wine cooler has a door and a set of shelves inside that you can store your wine bottles on. They come in different sizes to accommodate the needs of varying users.

Some can accommodate five bottles while there are models that can handle ten and more.

This type of wine cooler can either be built-in or freestanding. A built-in wine cooler is installed either under the counter or at eye-level, which not only helps save space but also  complements the existing décor.

For those with a little extra space to spare, they can choose to invest in a freestanding wine cooler. This model comes in a wide range of sizes, from miniature ones that can be put on top of a counter or table to large models that can store hundreds of wine bottles at the same time. These larger models are most often used in restaurants and bars.

Final Words

When looking to buy a wine cooler, there is a long list of factors that one should consider before deciding on which one to buy. You should be aware of how many wine bottles you plan on chilling at one given time, the space in your house you are willing to dedicate to this new appliance, and the money you are allowed to spend on it.

Nevertheless, wine bottles should not be stored in a fridge because of the risk of spoiling the taste and smell when it is placed next to different kinds of food. When it comes to serving it, you should also be aware of the right temperature that it needs to keep it in its best state.

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