What Is The Best Wine Aerator

What is the Best Wine Aerator

If you are pouring wine straight into a glass without decanting it or aerating it, you are cheating yourself and your fellow oenophiles. if you’re like me, you want to get the most out of every purchase you make…….especially when it comes to wine.

What is a wine aerator

A wine aerator is a hand held device you pour wine through that mixes air into the wine which in turn causes aeration. Aeration occurs when air is mixed with or circulated through a liquid. This is an altenative way of getting the wine to “breath” which releases tannins, smooths the taste, and maximizes it’s bouquet. The most common ones today are made from acrylic and are easy to use. You just simply pour the wine through it while holding it over a glass. Before the mid 2000’s, the only way to aerate wine was to pour it into a decanter and wait.

Should I use a wine aerator

Since I don’t have the patiance nor the forethought to use a decanter, I am thankful someone liked wine enough, was tired of waiting while wine sat for hours in a decanter, and was smart enough to invent the wine aerator. More importantly, when I have had a bad day at work and need a glass of wine when I get home…..I usually need it RIGHT when I get home. Also, there are times when we are out and decide to go back to our house for a drink or company just drops in unannounced. When any of these happen, the last thing we want to do after taking that perfect bottle of Pinot Noir out of your wine cooler is sit around watching wine sit in a decanter waiting for it to achieve the perfect taste. That is why I now own and use an aerator for every bottle I open.I’ll be honest. I didn’t always use an aerator. I am by nature a skeptict and for years thought there is no way an aerator can make that big of a diffenence….BOY WAS I WRONG.

Do wine aerators work

When you think about it, it makes scense. Wine like anything else that has been couped up, or in wine’s case bottled up, for various lenghts of time it needs air to be refreshed and can’t wait to get out of that bottle and “breath”. An aerator works to do just that introducing oxygen into it which refreshes the wine by softening the tannins and smoothing out the flavors. When wine is poured through an aerator, it creates more surface area for such oxygen to enter the wine which in turn enhances a wines bouquet and taste.

Wine aerator reviews

Now that we live in a “microwave society” it makes scense to have a tool that does instantly what used to take hours to accomplish. The problem is, just like anything else, there are LOTS of differnent aerators to choose from with each one promising to do a better job than the next. The last thing you want to do is guess what is the best wine aerator to buy for the money. That is where we come in. My team and I thought we would order some of the most popular ones based on public opinion and put them to the test.One thing I wanted when testing and reviewing the various aerators was a diverse group of tasters. I wanted someone who had never drank wine poured through an aerator as well as tasters that preferred red and tasters who preferred white.

Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator
(Editor's Choice For Best Luxury Model)
Electric Dispenser4.5/5
Vinturi Deluxe Red Wine Aerator With Stand
(Editor's Choice For Best Ease of Use)
Pour Through with Stand4.3/5
Vinturi V1010 Essential Wine Aerator
(Editor's Choice For Best Pour Through Design)
Pour Through4.5/5
Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer
(Editor's Choice For Best Spout Design)

Best Wine Aerator

When it comes to the best wine aerator for the money, look no further than the Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator. It’s elegant yet practical design will impress even the most demanding wine enthusiast. One of the things we liked most when testing this particular wine aerator was the well designed spout and stopper that eliminates any worry about drips or stains while using it. Another thing that impressed everyone was the way you could actually see the air bubbles in the wine as it traveled through the aerating chamber leaving no doubt it was working. You could immediately tell while pouring it into a glass, air was being mixed with the wine injecting important oxygen directly into it causing the instant release of the optimum bouquet and flavor of the wine. Most importantly, in blind taste tests, we all picked out the wine that had been poured through this particular wine aerator. The Vintorio aerator inserts easily into a bottle with it’s tapered and ribbed stopper but is tight enough to guarantee no leaks while using it. As far as cleaning, the acrylic spout easily detaches from the flow regulator to make rinsing a breeze. Last but not least, Vintorio is so sure you are going to love your new wine aerator, they offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

  • Works very well
  • Elegant design
  • No drips while using
  • Ease of use
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • inexpensive
  • Fragile
  • Will begin to leak if tabs get broken

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