Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar Review

Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar

Wine storage coolers like the Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar offer wine connoisseurs and brooding amateurs alike to age their own bottles without worrying about external factors affecting the flavors of their favorite wine. Of course, nothing beats having your own wine cellar, but this modern equipment brings your cellar closer to you, so you don’t have to leave the party and bring it to others as well.

Wine, be it red or white, is best served in its optimal temperature as it affects how the taste will blossom on your tongue. Even the temperature of the air around you as you swirl it around the wine glass affects the wine as you may have to match the temperature of the beverage with that of the current environs.

This is why wine storage coolers are a little better than a classic wine cellar; they can help you control the temperature of your wine no matter where you are, no matter how cold or how hot the conditions are. These portable iceboxes keep the flavor of your wine true, while added features like opaque glass doors and thick casing keep the humidity in and the light out for better aging for your drink.

Features of the Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar

  • Thermoelectric System

The Westinghouse WWT100MB runs a thermoelectric cooling system to keep your wines at the perfect temperature. This cooling system is energy-efficient and produces no sound or vibration, both of which affect the sediments inside the bottles of wine which, in turn, affects how the wine ages and how its flavor profile is developed.

  • Gray-tinted Glass

The see-through door of the WWT100MB is gray-tinted, so you can see the interior, with the help of the interior lighting, while still being able to look at the contents inside.

  • Interior Lighting

The soft interior lighting found in the Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar can be turned off and on, depending on your preference. They provide a great way of showcasing your wine to friends, family, and even customers.

  • Seamless and Sleek Design

The Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar comes with a modern and sleek look, with its black-painted exterior and see-through door. The recessed handle and hidden hinges are also a nice touch as they make the lines of this product more seamless and modern.

  • Adjustable Thermostat

A rare feature, the thermostat of this wine storage cooler is done manually using an actual switch. Just rotate the lever to the temperature setting that you’d like.

  • Chrome Wire Shelves

The Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar comes with four durable wire racks that come with a silver chrome finish.


  • The manual on-and-off switch for the interior lights
  • Manually controlled thermostat allows you not to rely on the computer to memorize the settings that you want
  • Manual switch is very evident and easy to reach
  • Cooling system runs quietly, and there is almost no vibration felt.


  • Does not have a temperature display that would tell you what the temperature is inside
  • Space between the racks does not allow larger bottles of wine to fit in, although the racks can be placed in reverse to hold bigger bottles.


The Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar comes with a unique manual thermostat control that lets you set the temperature while the lines and curves of its seamless exterior are highlighted by a see-through, gray-tinted door and recessed door handles as well as hidden hinges. A warm interior light can be turned on to make finding the right wine easy and the wine racks let you lay down your bottle without having to worry about breakage and such.

The thermoelectric cooling system of the Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar lets you save on energy while maintaining a low sound and vibration profile for your wine cooler without sacrificing the quality of the contents by disturbing the sediments inside. At its optimal stage, this wine storage cooler can have a temperature range of 54-66 degrees Fahrenheit.


The features of the Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar can be compared with that of the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler or Chiller, especially since both run the same thermoelectric cooling system. The Ivation wine cooler can hold a couple of bottles more than the Westinghouse wine cooler, and it does have an LED screen with touch controls as compared to the manual thermostat of the Westinghouse.

The Ivation wine cooler also has a near opaque thermopane door which complements its modern design and looks. The temperature remains constant using the settings of the device, while it’s interior lighting can also be switched on and off. The thermoelectric cooling system also gives this wine cooler an energy-efficient way of keeping your wine.


It’s a battle between analog and digital but deciding which is better between the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler or Chiller and the Westinghouse WWT100MB Thermal Electric 10 Bottle Wine Cellar is dependent on your preference.

Generally, the Westinghouse can be declared the better of the two models as the manual thermostat easily allows you to calibrate the temperature without having to figure the controls. Just flip the knob to your desired temperature.

Another factor that gives the Westinghouse WWT100MB the edge is in its interior lighting and the glass door. While both of these wine storage coolers have both features, the Westinghouse has a clear view of what’s inside while maintaining a darkened atmosphere for your wines to age properly. Turning the interior lights on brings a different character into the wine cooler game, but the Westinghouse beats the Ivation one by a mile,¬†given that it allows you to highlight the contents of your cellar.


Portable wine cellars have found a place in the hearts of wine lovers out there, with it sensibility and features that complement their passion for the sacred drink. Wine storage coolers, like the Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar, are a great way of enjoying the good life without breaking the bank for a brand new wine cellar.

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