Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set Product Review

Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set Product Review

Wines are great for parties or drinking alone. Unfortunately, improper storage of wines could easily affect its taste and aroma causing it to end up tasting and smelling like vinegar. This is the reason why many wine lovers invest in tools and equipment that help them keep the freshness of the drink intact. These tools include cork removers, electronic corks, pumps, and preservers, to name a few. Good thing there are many of them on the market, and sometimes, they come in sets.

If you are on the lookout for a wine set to help prevent the beverage from going bad, then you may want to consider the Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set. Just how exactly does it fare? What are its competitors?

Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set 

Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set is a nine-piece set that promises to preserve one’s favorite bottle of wine.


The kit includes an electric cork, foil cutter, aerator pourer, drip collar, vacuum pump, and airtight stoppers. The electric cork removers come with a charging base and adapter. The air pump, however, is manually operated.

This kit boasts of an automatic wine opener tool with the corkscrew that is rechargeable. This corkscrew is quick to charge, and it can remove up to 30 corks on a full charge. It also comes with a beautifully designed green LED light battery display. A USB cord connects the charging base, and there is no need for batteries.

The set’s stopper is made of rubber. It also comes with date markers. Meanwhile, the aerating wine pourer and foil cutter help the wine breath while it is being poured into wine glasses. The cork is reusable. The drip ring collar helps prevent the spillage of the wine, so not a drop is wasted.

The materials used for the parts of the set are BPA-free ABS rubber and stainless steel. The set promises an elegant design with its black and silver color scheme.

Furthermore, the product maker claims that the set is easy to use and clean. They also recommend users to hand wash and dry the non-electric parts.


  • Nine-piece set
  • Rechargeable electronics; no batteries needed
  • Four stoppers
  • Stoppers come with date markers
  • Reusable cork
  • BPA-free materials
  • Easy to clean since non-electronic parts can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Elegant design with the black and silver colors
  • Pump is hard to remove without getting air back into the bottle


  • Electric components do not charge consistently
  • Charger does not last long and dies after a few months of use
  • Electric corks only work for a few months
  • Opener is of poor quality and does not easily remove the cork


The Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set promises to help preserve the flavor and aroma of the wines up to days and even weeks. The kit has nine pieces in total. The electronic parts of the set are rechargeable, so users do not have to buy batteries. Four stoppers have date markers. Plus, the cork is reusable. The material used, namely, rubber and stainless steel are BPA-free.

The set is easy to clean as the non-electronic parts can be washed in a washer. The set boasts of elegant design with its black and silver colors.

However, there are many flaws in the pieces included in the set. The electronic components do not charge consistently, and they stop charging completely after months of use. The electronic corks do not last long either. The wine opener is poorly made and does not help remove the cork easily.

Additionally, the pump is difficult to remove from the bottle. More often, air goes back into the bottle as the pump needs a lot of effort to remove.


The Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set has many competitors on the market. For example, the Kato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener Set is another product that boasts of being able to preserve the wine really well.

The Kato set is a six-piece set that includes foil cutter, wine saver pump, wine pourer, two vacuum stoppers, and air pump-style cork remover. This kit, however, has only two vacuum stoppers, which is two pieces short than the one by Vremi.

This six-piece set is manually operated and has no electronic parts. Both products have stoppers that have date markers. The Kato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener Set comes in an elegant design with its black color that is highly similar to the product being reviewed.

The pump is easy to use as one only need to place it on the stopper securely and pump the handle a few times. Releasing the stopper only requires pressing the button, too. This pump by Kato is much easier to use than the set being reviewed. The Vremi set’s pump is difficult to remove, and this difficulty brings back air to the bottle.

Kato’s product maker promises a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which, unfortunately, Vremi does not offer.


The Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set promises to be a complete kit that can truly help in storing the opened wines properly. But does this set deliver on its promise?

This nine-piece is unique as some of the pieces run on electricity and requires charging. However, these electronic components are of poor quality and do not last for months. These parts either do not charge consistently. For example, the product maker claims that the cork opener can open around 30 bottles on a full charge. However, it has difficulty opening five bottles, and soon the charge runs out.

The air pump’s design is not that great either. Users have reported difficulties in removing the pump. Air usually goes back to the bottle as users have to wiggle and move the pump several times just to remove it.

Meanwhile, the Kato Wine Air Pressure Pump Opener is a six-set piece. All parts are manually operated, but the set just works fine. Kato, the product manufacturer, offers a satisfaction guarantee that Vremi does not provide.

Overall, the Vremi 9 Piece Wine Gift Set may not be the best set to buy. It suffers from many design and construction flaws that are hard to ignore. It also does not help that the manufacturer does not provide some satisfaction guarantee offer.

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