Sello Wine Preservation System Product Review

Sello Wine Preservation System

Are you a wine aficionado or a regular wine drinker who often ends up with a partially full bottle of wine drained in the sink? We know! Just saying that hurts! But with only a little time in your hands to consume that chardonnay or Prosecco without the considerable change of taste or aroma, the sink just have to partake of a good portion of it.

Thankfully, wine preservation systems are aplenty. They buy you enough time to enjoy a good bottle of wine longer, especially when you don’t have enough company to consume it in one sitting or when you just feel like treating yourself to different wines. Whether you want a few more days or years to your opened bottle, a good preservation system is to the rescue!

So, if you’ve had enough of the sight of spoiled wine going down the drain and looking for a wine preservation system to work with your slow wine consumption, then you’re just in time for our review of the Sello Wine Preservation System. Let’s see how well it fits your needs.

Sello Wine Preservation System Features

Here’s what you get from the Sello Wine Preservation System:

  • One-Week Life Extension

No longer do you have to look at the partially consumed wine bottle wistfully. Neither do you have to pressure yourself to consume it fast. With the Sello Wine Preservation System, your wine retains its flavor and aroma for up to seven days!

  • Active Packaging Technology

The Sello Wine Preservation System actively absorbs oxygen and moisture in the bottle of wine you have just opened to prevent premature aging and maintain the product integrity of your wine.

  • Works with Refrigeration System

Place the opened wine bottle in the fridge with the wine preservation system on. The fridge manages temperature and light as the wine preservation system takes care of oxygen and moisture level regulation.

  • Simple Operation and Low Maintenance

Simply open a Sello cartridge where marked and insert it in the bottom basket of the device. Put back the bottom basket and insert it into the neck of the wine bottle right after opening it. You then have to remove the red cap by pulling it out and pour onto your glass to access the wine. Put the red cap back on and wait for your glass of wine to reach its desired temperature.

When you have emptied the bottle of wine, hold onto the red cap and top black part, gently twist, and pull out. Remove the cartridge, clean the parts, and its ready for another round of drinks!

  • Generous Supply of Replacement Cartridges

The device comes with 24 Sello replacement cartridges. Each cartridge will last you through one 750 ml bottle. This means that you will have to empty 24 wine bottles before you need another supply of replacement cartridges.

  • Food- and Pharmaceutical-Grade Materials

Made from ABS plastic, it’s safe to touch your drink and won’t leach harmful chemicals into it.

  • Wide compatibility

The Sello Wine Preservation System is compatible with a wide range of bottle types.

  • Versatile Liquor Preservation System

Besides wine, this wine preservation system can also be used to prolong the shelf life of beer, spirits, and other liquor.

  • 2-in-1 Function

Aside from being a wine preserver, the device works as a dripless wine pourer.


  • Great in maintaining the profile of the wine days after you’ve opened it
  • Compatible with many wine bottles
  • Works with other liquors
  • Functions as a wine pourer
  • Simple to use. You can leave the device on until you’ve gone through the whole bottle.
  • Available replacement cartridges
  • Affordable
  • Impressive customer service


  • You might get a defective device that will break after a few uses. Nevertheless, their customer service is great in dealing with such issue.


The Sello Wine Preservation System offers a straightforward and effective way to preserve the profile of your wine for up to seven days from opening it. Used in conjunction with the light- and temperature-regulating regular fridge, this device affords you a bottle of good-tasting wine that you can savor longer by actively absorbing the oxygen and moisture inside the bottle.

The Sello wine preservation system offers a unique method. One, it doesn’t work by diluting oxygen in the bottle with heavy vacuum or gas, which can change the taste of wine. Two, you don’t have to remove it to access the wine inside. It’s a wine preserver and pourer in one!


If you are impressed with the Sello wine preservation system, but find the seven days extended shelf life a bit wanting, the Coravin Model 1 Wine System offers you a great alternative option.

Combining the Coravin capsule load cell technology and its non-coring operation, the Coravin Model 1 Wine System offers you an impressive way to lengthen the life of your bottle of wine not only for a week but months and years. It works by inserting a small needle into your cork and releasing inert argon gas into the bottle as a portion of wine leaves the bottle, making no room for oxygen to enter.

After pouring yourself a glass of wine with the device on, you can then remove the Coravin Model 1 Wine System from the bottle, and the cork naturally seals itself. It’s as if you haven’t opened it—only it’s no longer full! Corks on older bottles, however, may not respond accordingly, so it’s best to proceed with care in such cases.

Another reason you’d love the Coravin Model 1 Wine System is that it’s made of much sturdier materials than the product in review. Stainless steel, ABS plastic, zinc, mixed polycarbonate, and fiberglass reinforced Nylon all go into the body of this device.

As you might have already expected, the ultra extended shelf life and the sturdy construct comes at a high price.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs, the Sello Wine Preservation System can be all that you need to enjoy a bottle of wine without the rush. If you’re thinking of extending the shelf life of your Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Dom Perignon to just a good few days, then the Sello Wine Preservation System is one of the most affordable and effective devices out there.

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