ProntoBev Wine Cooler Review

ProntoBev Wine Cooler Review

Just when I thought I had seen everything when it comes to cooling wine, I ran across ProntoBev. What caught my attention, as a wine lover, is it’s claim to be the world’s fastest wine and beverage cooler. 

A Quick Wine Chiller

 According to its inventor, it can cool a bottle of wine in less than 30 seconds. WOW! This would come in handy when you don’t have a bottle of your favorite wine in your home wine cooler and have to run out to the store to grab a bottle.

The problem of  coming home with a warm bottle of wine and having to give it an ice bath or sticking it in the freezer and waiting while it cools down, is now easily solved with this new invention. When comparing it with the time it takes to cool a bottle in the freezer, PronoBev beverage and wine cooler will cool a bottle of wine 40 times faster than putting it in the freezer.

According to the video, all you have to do is take ProntoBev out of the freezer and pour as much as you want, including up to an entire 750ml bottle of wine, into the pitcher. You then keep an eye on the built-in digital thermometer and just pour it into your glass or back into the original bottle once it reaches your ideal drinking temperature.


How Many Bottles Will It Chill

If all of a sudden a party breaks out and you need to chill more than one bottle of wine, the makers of ProntoBev say it will chill several bottles before you have to put it back into the freezer. Although, they do state  it will take a little longer than 30 seconds to chill each bottle after the first one.

Finding Pinot Wine Bottles

You might be wondering if it is safe for your wine. The answer is yes. Its interior is made from the same wine-grade stainless steel that wineries use in the wine-making process. Therefore, it won’t affect taste or quality of your favorite bottle of wine.

Want a Fast Beer Chiller

If you are like me, you not only enjoy a glass of wine but you also like that beverage flavored with hops and barley. I know there has come a time in your life when you wanted to know how to make beer cold fast. Look no further my friend. ProntoBev also makes a great fast beer chiller. Want to enjoy some of the coldest beer you have ever had the pleasure of drinking? Just fill ProntoBev up with a couple bottles of beer, wait a couple of minutes, and enjoy an icy cold brew.

Fast Beer Chiller

Where Can I Get a ProntoBev Wine and Beverage Cooler

As I write this, ProntoBev just completed an Indiegogo campaign in which it easily surpassed the goal the creators had set in order to move forward. In the end, it raised a total of of 216% of its original goal. If you were lucky enough to be one of the first ones to get your order in, according to their latest projections, you can expect to be quickly chilling wine in the spring of  2018. If you were not one of the first to order during the campaign, don’t fret, you can still pre-order your very own wine cooler at Indigogo’s website.

How Does ProntoBev work

Although a lot of technology went into the design and creation of ProntoBev, it is easy to use. There is no rocket science involved in using ProntoBev. All you have to do is put it in the freezer, wait between 8-14 hours for the ProntoGel inside to get good and cold, take it out and pour your favorite beverage you want chilled into it, then enjoy. Just how cold can it get? The ProntoGel inside is so powerful  it can even drop the temperature of your beverage to sub-freezing temperatures.  If your ProntoBev is already chilled and you just used it, it will only take a few hours in the freezer before it is ready again.  Since the longer you leave liquid in ProntoBev the colder it gets, it is best to pour your wine back into the original bottle once the thermometer reads your desired drinking temperature. This will guarantee there is no compromise to taste by it getting too cold.

Finding Pinot PronoBev in freezer

Because it is dishwasher safe, it is very easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is remove the built in thermometer and put it in the dishwasher.

Great Indoors or Out

ProntoBev Review Finding Pinot

ProntoBev Wine and Beverage Cooler is the perfect companion no matter the occasion or the location. It will even keep your favorite beverage cold outside for a couple of hours while you enjoy a swim or time at the beach. Just pour your beverage of choice in, grab a couple of glasses, and you are ready to go.

Finding Pinot ProntoBev by the pool

The Perfect Wine Companion

They didn’t stop there. They wanted every wine drinker out there to have the perfect chilled glass of wine so they created what they feel like is the perfect companion for their new invention. The ProntoAer is a wine aerator that fits easily on top of most glasses which makes it perfect to pour the wine right through it. This will add oxygen to the wine allowing it to “breathe” which enhances it’s bouquet and taste. If you choose to purchase one, there is an option where it can easily be added to your ProntoBev order for a small additional charge. 

ProntoBev Wine Aerator

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