Sello Wine Preservation System Product Review

Sello Wine Preservation System

Are you a wine aficionado or a regular wine drinker who often ends up with a partially full bottle of wine drained in the sink? We know! Just saying that hurts! But with only a little time in your hands to consume that chardonnay or Prosecco without the considerable change of taste or aroma, the […]

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Best Wine Storage Coolers to Choose From

Best Wine Storage Coolers

Wine, either red or white, often requires to be served while still in a particular temperature for its flavor to become fully realized and maintain its freshness. The best wine storage coolers around often can be set to the temperature that you want, especially if the wine that you are keeping are expensive and flavorful. […]

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How to Use a Decanter: Getting to the Bottom of Things

How to Use a Decanter

Wine is a drink with a lot of nuances. If someone is interested in enjoying a bottle of quality, vintage wine, then it is recommended that it is consumed in a certain way. Almost ritualistic, wine tasting and drinking is the epitome of refinement and elegance. For the uninitiated, it is important to discuss how […]

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Haier 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Review

Let’s talk wine: it’s complicated, it’s fun, and it’s a cause of controversy for sommeliers or the people who can tell you which vintage you should buy based on how expensive it is and how drunk the clients are. The wine has a weird quality to it. There’s a lot of effort going into enhancing […]

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Best Buy Wine Coolers: Our Top Picks

Best Buy Wine Coolers

Wine, for some, is a luxury; while for others, it is a beverage that must always be present in their homes to entertain guests. Nevertheless, wine enthusiasts will find that the best buy wine cooler will add different dimensions to the way they consume this ancient elixir.  That is because wine is not such a […]

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How to Keep Wine Cool: A Guide on the Different Ways

How to Keep Wine Cool A Guide on the Different Ways

For wine lovers, keeping their wine cool is as easy as chucking it in an expensive wine cooler. While this is ideal, there are also people who are just casual wine drinkers that getting the idea of purchasing a wine cooler, is far-fetched. So, what can you do to serve wine properly? Is it hours […]

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