Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

If you have landed on my website, I guess it is safe to say you are tired of storing wine in the refrigerator behind the pickles and mayonnaise and are ready to take the next step which would be to buy a designated place to store your wine.

With the many different choices of wine today, wouldn’t it be great to have a variety at home right at your fingertips ready to be opened and drank at a moments notice? Having your very own wine cooler will give you that opportunity.

The problem with that is there are so many different choices you may not know where to start. That is where Finding Pinot comes in. We have reviewed many wine coolers over the years and have learned what features are important and what features are not to make the best wine cooler.

When it comes to having a nice place to store a variety of wines at home, whether it be to enjoy that glass  of wine after a hard day at work or to have a few glasses while socializing  with friends on the weekend, the Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler would make an excellent choice for someone just starting out on a limited budget.

A 12 bottle wine cooler is just the right size for someone starting out that wants to have a nice variety on hand but doesn’t have the cabinet space to install a built-in wine cooler or the floor space for a freestanding wine cooler. There is also the problem of; not everyone has the budget to buy a large wine cooler nor the money to go out and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on 50 plus bottles of wine to fill it up.

For those reasons, we reviewed what we feel would make an excellent choice in a wine cooler for your home.



Features of the Magic Chef MCWC12B 6 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler

  • Temperature Range: 54°-66°F
  • Can comfortably hold up to 12 wine bottles
  • Comes with a black door, black cabinet, and sculpted chrome shelves
  • Features quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • Features interior lighting and recessed handle
  • Electronic control panel w/ LED display
  • Compact design makes it perfect for countertop space


In the MCWC12B, Magic Chef has created a near perfect wine cooler to fit almost any decor. This wine cooler features a temperature control with an adjustable range that makes it suitable for either white wines or red wines.

The thermoelectric design provides a vibration free atmosphere which is essential when storing wine.

Its see-through door allowing you to see the bottles resting on sculpted chrome shelves makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

The electronic temperature control, conveniently located on the outside with an LED display, makes it easy to adjust the temperature for bottles of either red or white wines with a touch of a button.

The small compact design measuring in at 14″ wide,  18″ High,  and  20″ deep ensures that it will fit on just about any countertop making it perfect for those wanting a wine cooler but not having the floor space or the cabinet space for either a freestanding or built-in wine cooler.

*Although we mention that this is the perfect wine cooler to be placed on kitchen countertops, you will want to measure the space where you plan on putting it before making a final purchase to make sure it will fit comfortably underneath the top wall cabinets. While doing our research, we found a few instances where it’s total height of 20.1 inches was just a little too much to clear the bottom of some wall cabinets.

Depending what wine you like to drink or collect, it generally won’t cost an arm and a leg to fill up a 12 bottle wine cooler. So if you are working on a limited budget but would like a nice variety, 12 bottles may be the perfect amount of bottles to have on hand.


Single zone wine cooler, with only one temperature control, allows for correct temperature of either red wine or white wine but not both at the same time

Small imperfections can be found in this wine cooler, particularly with how it produces sound. You might find a slight annoyance due to its loud motor noise when you plug it in. Compared to other wine coolers, this one tends to be a bit louder than the rest.

However, this isn’t the type of noise that will keep you up at night. If you have sharp hearing and you find the soft sounds of small engines bothersome, then this may not be the right product for you. Otherwise, you’ll be glad to own a stylish and efficient wine cooler.

For a product touting a sophisticated temperature system, the Magic Chef Wine Cooler tends to be a bit inconsistent when it comes to cooling wine. While it won’t ruin your entire wine drinking experience, it’s a little worrying that this wine cooler might not provide you with the best wine temperature.

Again, if this small detail bothers you, purchase with caution. However, if you measure the coolness of your wine just by holding the bottle, you probably won’t notice the difference. Unless you’re a wine perfectionist, why would missing a few degrees off of your wine bother you?


Not everyone has the space nor the budget for a huge wine cooler that holds hundreds of bottles of wine, so if you are looking for a great wine cooler at an affordable price to fit on your countertop,  a small space on the floor, or on top of a small stand, this wine cooler will should fit your needs perfectly.

It may be a little louder than other wine coolers available, but as long as it is not in the bedroom where you are trying to sleep or right next to where you enjoy watching TV, the small amount of noise it does put out should be acceptable.

For a very affordable price, what you will get is a highly rated wine cooler that will store either white wine or red wine at the ideal temperature.

In conclusion, If you primarily drink only red or white wine or drink both and like to drink them at the same temperature and are looking for a great wine cooler to fit nicely on your kitchen countertop or are limited by either space or budget,  their should be nothing stopping you from buying the Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler.


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