Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler Review

Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler Review

Storing your precious bottles of wine has never been so easy and simple with help of a wine refrigerator. If you are looking for one, consider the Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler. This compressor wine cooler not only has the capacity to store 30-750ml wines bottles, but also maintain their quality and good taste.

Its shelves are made of beech wood so that cool air will better circulate in the interior. Aside from this, the glass door is double-layered and tempered for stabilizing the temperature levels, preventing fog formation so that you can clearly see the contents from the outside without having to open the door.

To better maintain the temperature, the wine cooler has features like a memory function and digital LED control display. Meanwhile, the wine cooler uses a blue LED light, keeping your wines away from UV rays.

Since this wine cooler is free-standing, installation is very easy. It can be placed anywhere in your kitchen or even in your living room or den. The door is even reversible, too. Just make sure that the back has enough room for adequate ventilation.


Features of the Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler

  • A single-zone compressor wine cooler with advanced cooling technology, offering minimum vibration
  • Type of installation: built-in or free-standing
  • Features Smart LED temperature control for easy setting of temperature
  • Features temperature memory function that automatically restores the preset temperature when there is a power outage
  • Temperature range: 40°-66°F
  • Features blue LED light
  • Includes 6 sliding shelves made of beech wood to accommodate 30-750ml bottles of wine
  • Features a reversible door with 2 layers of tempered glass and a stainless steel frame
  • Features a built-in hexagonal security lock to prevent kids from playing with the wine cooler
  • Input voltage: 110 V/60 Hz
  • Input power: 90W
  • Operates quietly
  • Complete with 1-year replacement warranty


The Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler is a great brand of wine cooler or refrigerator that wine enthusiasts will really appreciate. Its advanced cooling technology has made it a standout from others because it makes wine storage easier and convenient.

Many buyers have rated this model high in online reviews for the best wine refrigerator today. See if this is the right buy for you as you learn more about the product.

In terms of versatility in installation, this wine cooler deserves an “A.” Aside from the fact that it can either be a free-standing unit or built-in, it also has a reversible door. This door saves space more because you can install the wine refrigerator without minding the door’s orientation. You can open the fridge without blocking other appliance in your kitchen.

What makes this brand even worthier are its cooling features and built quality, specifically in keeping your precious wine perfectly chilled before serving them. For example, the reversible door was made of a stainless steel frame for durability; and double-layered tempered glass for better stabilization of temperature. Furthermore, the glass is also less prone to fog, allowing you to see through it better.

The cooling features were also incorporated for maintaining the temperature of the interior at the right degrees or range (40°-66°F) for your wines. Setting up the temperature and monitoring it is simple to do because of the LED control display found on the top part of the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, restoring the temperature is also not a major problem thanks to the automatic temperature memory function. This avoids wine spoilage should there be a power loss.

Other features worth mentioning are the built-in security lock and the embedded carbon filters. The former prevents kids from playing with the wine cooler and the latter prevents odor from contaminating or damaging the wine.


While there are so many good things about this wine cooler, it is not perfect; thus, it is just as important for you to know about its drawbacks. One thing you should take note is that the temperature display may not be accurate at all times.

When it is fully stocked with bottles of wine, the temperature inside may be a bit higher. Aside from this, you can also notice on your electric bill that this kind of wine cooler consumes a lot of electricity. It seems like the advanced cooling features come at a price.


Nevertheless, the Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler is still a great option on the market today. It ensures that your wine is properly aging and maturing without too much trouble on your part. If you have the budget for this, you should consider buying it.

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