Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler Review

Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler Review

What do wine coolers, wine cellars, and wine refrigerators have in common? They’re all specifically designed to store red and white wines so that they can naturally mature in the most ideal of conditions.

These storage units are made for a specific function—which means that regular refrigerators should be out of the equation as far as wine storage is concerned.

Of the many wine coolers offered in the commercial market, perhaps one of the most efficient you can find is the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler, which fosters the best environment with the most ideal conditions for storing wine.

This means that the Ivation Wine Cooler has a consistent temperature, which can ultimately preserve the quality and richness of your wine collection.


Features of the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler

  • Rated Power: 65W
  • Temperature Range: 54°-64°F (12°-18°C)
  • Unit Dimensions: 13.5” x 20” x 25.4” (34.5 cm x 50.8 cm x 64.5 cm)
  • Net Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
  • Comes insulated with a CFC-free solid polyurethane heavy foam
  • Comes with thermopane doors that are tempered to ensure an odor-free interior
  • Comes with a built-in energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor to minimize noise and vibrations, allowing the wine to age and settle properly with no disturbance to its naturally occurring sediments
  • Features efficient thermoelectric cooling
  • Features a soft interior lighting with ON/OFF controls
  • Features a sleek design with exterior digital touch controls and LCD temp
  • Features a new technology that guarantees no vibration and total quiet
  • Features consistent temperature to protect the quality and the taste of the wine
  • Features a novel storage technology that maintains constant humidity and keeps the cork from drying out to prevent air from coming in contact with the wine
  • Features a tight door seal that blocks sunlight and harmful UV rays that break down the complex molecules that create the special flavors in properly aged wines


The best thing about the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler is that it has a perfectly stable temperature, which means that you can store wine in it for both the short and long term without ruining the wine’s original texture and quality.

If you want your wine to reach a specific consistency, you can also adjust the temperature to bring the fullest out of your collection. As a wine buff, you should know that both the storage and serving temperatures of wine can have a significant impact on how it smells, tastes, and feels in your mouth.

In wine tasting, the temperature is everything. A well-matured wine is useless if stored at the wrong temperature and in the wrong unit. That’s why it’s always best to make sure that you get wine storage right.

The Ivation Wine Cooler has minimal temperature fluctuation because it’s insulated with a solid polyurethane CFC-free heavy foam that ensures that the heat doesn’t seep in.

It also has smoke-tempered thermopane doors, which means that UV rays will not penetrate the doors and cause any degradation of your wine. These features also keep the corks from drying out and prevent the wine from coming in contact with air.

If that’s not enough, the Ivation Wine Cooler is also built with an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, which means that noise and vibrations are effectively minimized. This allows the wine to age and mature naturally, with as little disturbance as possible.

This means that the wine can develop a strong and rich flavor, color, texture, and aroma. The thermoelectric cooling system also means that energy consumption remains at a minimum, unlike compressor-driven coolers which use large amounts of energy.


The Ivation Wine Cooler is already great as it is, but there are still some aspects of it that need improvement. For instance, the shelves don’t have any safety feature to keep the bottles from sliding out once they’re put in place.

Also, unlocking controls may be a tedious process because of all the extra steps that have to be done to execute basic commands. Merely turning the lights on and off or adjusting the temperature requires a lot of steps, making the whole process impractical.

Aside from this, the smoke-tempered thermopane doors make such a good job of sealing the contents of the cooler, but you can’t really see what’s inside it without opening the doors. This can become a small inconvenience when you just want a peek into what’s inside the cooler. Apart from these small issues, the Ivation Wine Cooler is really a steal.


It’s clear that the Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler is a good product that every wine aficionado should consider. It has all the right features that you may need in an efficient and user-friendly wine cooler; plus, it’s affordable. Indeed, it should be in the running for the best wine cooler in the market today. While it does have a couple of points for improvement, its advantages outweigh all of them.

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