Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler Review

Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler Review

Products like the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler help maintain the freshness of wine while it is out of the wine cooler and being served for enjoyment. This lets the hosts perform their duty without having to worry that the wine will get too warm and another trip to the cooler will be required.

Moreover, single-bottle wine coolers are not new, but their current form is more effective and more efficient than their previous iterations where ice is constantly needed around the bottle, within the cooler. This results in excessive condensation, and it does not always maintain the right temperature for the wine.

Meanwhile, electric wine coolers help you maintain the right temperature for your wine, regardless if it is white wine or red wine. Single-bottle wine chillers, on the other hand, ensure that the temperature from wine cooler to the table, and infinity thereafter, remains the same so that you get to enjoy and savor the full flavor of the wine.

This is why products like the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler has found a niche of sorts within homes and restaurants as they preserve space while keeping condensation away from expensive tablecloths and table materials.


Features of the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler

Unique for its style and material, the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler comes with the following key features:

  • No Ice Required

This single-bottle wine cooler does not need ice to keep wine cool nor is it required to be placed inside a refrigerator to work. Just slip a chilled bottle in and let it sit.

  • Double Wall Technology

The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler utilizes the double-wall technology to keep the cold temperature in and maintain it for a long time. This technology does not produce condensation sweat that can damage your table or tablecloth.

  • Food-Grade Steel

The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which is also BPA-free and LFBG- and FDA-approved.

  • Keeps Wine Cold

As it uses the double-wall technology, this single-bottle wine cooler keeps wine cold for three to four hours, which is more than enough time for a bottle to be finished.

  • Durable

Made of stainless steel, the single-bottle cooler from Isosteel is very tough and durable, allowing you to enjoy this product for a long time.

  • Sleek and Modern

The stainless steel, with its matt brushed surface, gives this single-bottle wine cooler a modern appeal that lets it blend with traditional dinnerware.

  • Reusable

The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is reusable and environment-friendly with no added chemicals.

  • Fits 750ml and 1500ml Wine Bottles

This wine bottle cooler can fit regular 750-ml sized bottles with ease, and it can also fit larger bottles of wine and champagne.


  • Ideal for 750ml and 1500ml bottles
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining
  • Simple design with a small footprint
  • Small enough not to be an eyesore or obstacle in the dinner table
  • Matt brushed steel surface is classy
  • Made of durable steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Completes the table setting
  • High-quality and functional wine cooler
  • No water stains left on the table


  • A little too big for regular-sized bottles
  • Can only keep wine cold for about two hours in an outdoor setting
  • Stains and gets dirty easily


The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is a single-bottle wine chiller that keeps your wine as cold as it did when you pulled it out from the electric wine cooler, and it keeps it that way until you have finished everything off. The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is made of food-grade stainless steel which makes it safe for use in food and beverage consumption.

While you can place it in the freezer so it can get cold and transfer that temperature to the wine bottle it would hold, it is not really a requirement as having double walls already make it an effective wine cooling companion, and it does not produce any condensation sweat at all, as compared to similar products made of different materials.

The opening of the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is wide enough to keep larger bottles of wine as well as bottles of champagne and soda water. This single-bottle cooler is perfectly reusable, and it is easy to wash with soapy water and a sponge.


The Sole Label Wine Chiller Ice Bucket can be compared to the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler, especially since both use the double-wall technology that keeps the cold in and does not produce harmful condensation. The Sole Label wine cooler also features a brushed steel surface and is also lightweight and easy to carry.


The Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is ahead of its game, especially if its features are pitted against the Sole Label Wine Chiller Ice Bucket. While both use the same double-wall technology to keep ice cold and both of them require no ice to keep it so, it has a few differences when it comes to the bottle size it supports and the material used to create it.

The Sole Label Wine Chiller Ice Bucket does not specify what kind of stainless steel it is made of while the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler is supposed to be made from 18/8 food-grade steel that is also BPA-free. Something technical, but it is still worth noting.

The main difference is the size of bottles that it can support. The Sole Label Wine Chiller Ice Bucket is made to support 750ml wine bottles while the Isosteel VA-9568 Wine Cooler can hold both 750ml and 1500ml wine bottles. This says a lot considering they have almost the same size and weigh the same as well.


Single bottle wine coolers are the perfect complement to any dinner table. It is classy enough to fit in with the dinnerware yet functional enough to keep the wine cold without producing condensation sweat that can harm the finish of the table it stands on.

Restaurants can also take advantage of this product as it will allow them more versatility when it comes to serving options, as it keeps wine cold for the duration of the meal, and then some.

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