How to Keep Wine Cool: A Guide on the Different Ways

How to Keep Wine Cool A Guide on the Different Ways

For wine lovers, keeping their wine cool is as easy as chucking it in an expensive wine cooler. While this is ideal, there are also people who are just casual wine drinkers that getting the idea of purchasing a wine cooler, is far-fetched. So, what can you do to serve wine properly? Is it hours before your dinner date? How to keep wine cool without affecting its taste?

Admittedly, it can be very confusing because wine is very delicate. Its flavor, color, consistency, bubble, and fizz change based on the conditions of the place where you left it. This is very alarming to know because what if you have wine connoisseur friends? Definitely, they will know that you put in ice together with the wine to chill it, only to remove it before serving.

Do not commit a faux pas by reading this quick guide on how to keep wine cool. In this article, we are going to discuss the different ways on how to maintain the right temperature for your wine. At the same time, we are also going to give you tips and tricks on how to improve the storing of your wine.

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Wine Cooling Times: General Tips

Yes, you read that right. Wine is overparticular that you have to keep in mind its temperature on two separate occasions, and these are before serving the wine and while serving the wine.

Before serving, you have to store the wine in a consistently cold temperature, especially the dessert or sparkling wine in order for it to have that fizz or sparkle once you serve them. On the other hand, for red wine, it is really more of the benefits of getting the subtle tones of the flavor.

Bottom line, your wine should be cooled not just for an hour before serving it. It is a whole new article for how many hours you should store different types of wine, but just keep these tips in mind:

  • It is ideal to store wine in a wine cooler.
  • If you only have a wine bucket, then put in as many cubes or tubes of ice as you can and submerge the wine in those. Also, constantly add ice into the bucket.
  • If you do not have an ice bucket, you have no choice but to put it in the fridge. However, the temperature inside there is not properly maintained, so you have to switch back and forth from the chiller to the main compartment, and the freezer.

For cooling the wine whilst serving it, this idea is leaning more on the culture of drinking wine. No one really takes back the wine into the refrigerator or the wine cooler after it has been served. Usually, it is put in a wine bucket, just in case, there are refills. Here are some tips:

  • Use a wine bucket but do not just fill it with ice, instead, fill it with cold water as well.
  • Use a wine cooler sleeve but keep in mind that this does not really maintain the cool temperature of the wine.
  • Use a corkcicle. This method is becoming popular nowadays since it is convenient. It is like a huge injection that pierces through the liquid.

How to Keep Wine Cool: The Different Ways

Here are the some of the different ways on how you can keep your wine cool as well as the proper means of storing them. Keep in mind that these techniques can be used for the different times for cooling that we discussed previously.

●    Wine Cooler

This is the easiest way to go to cool your wine, regardless to say, this is also the most expensive. However, you need to invest in a machine that can hold a lot of wine in a given amount of time. The good thing is that all you have to do is to plug it in and customize the temperature settings. By the time that you need your wine, you just have to take it out. Hence, this is perfect for people who always drink wine or for those who have dinner parties regularly.

●    Ice Bucket

We know that wine should be handled delicately, but what if you do not have a cooler? A plastic, metal, or glass ice bucket is a good alternative. Nevertheless, the best ones to use are the metal and glass types because they also absorb temperature that will ultimately help maintain the coolness of the bucket and wine bottle.

What you do with this is just like what you do with beers. Put a lot of ice in the bucket, as well as cold water, then submerge your bottles.

●    Cooling Sleeves

These can only be truly effective if you have a bottle of wine that is already cool since these are like cool jackets for your wine. You just leave them in the freezer overnight, and then you put them around the bottle while serving the wine to keep the liquid cool somehow.

●    Cooling Pour Spout

This is where the corkcicle comes in. This is an innovation wherein the liquid can be chilled once the spout comes in contact with it. There are also designs where you are like putting a metal rod in the middle of the wine bottle to instantly chill the wine.

●    Frozen Fruit

This trick is only used when the wine is already in the glass. You can chuck in frozen fruits that pair well with the wine, and the coolness of the fruit will mix in with the liquid. In doing so, it will be cool for a longer time.


There are definitely a lot of ways to cool your wine beside using a wine cooler. However, do remember that wine compared to other drinks should be treated differently since it reacts to its surroundings. Although we gave you a lot of tricks, they are still not the best ones to do to preserve the integrity of the wine.

The hacks that we listed down are for those situations where you do not have any options but just to chill the wine. Definitely, if you have the time to properly cool the wine before serving it without using sleeves, spouts, or buckets, that is the best way, as you can really taste the wine for what it is.

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