How to Install a Wine Cooler Under Counter

Built-in Wine Cooler Under Counter

When you are looking to purchase a new wine cooler, you may often end up confused about its best location inside your home. While there are many designs you can choose from, one of the best options for you in terms of practicality is a cooler which can be installed under the counter.

In order for this to happen, there are two main considerations you need to take. The first one is the height of the cooler which needs to be shorter than the one of the counter. The space from floor to bottom of a standard countertop is 34 1/2 inches. There are many choices when it comes to wine coolers designed specifically to be built-in that will be just under this height so they fit perfectly underneath your countertop.

Then, you need to ensure your ventilation is on point. Having a design with front ventilation will always prove to be the right way to go. In some situations, you may even work with side ventilation if there is clear free space under the counter. Here are the main considerations you need to make when you try to install a wine cooler under the counter:

Check measurements

Under Counter Wine Cooler

Measurements are everything when it comes to installing a wine cooler. This is why it is important for you to assess your space and the size of the cooler you want to purchase. There are many locations where a cooler could be installed and it will be up to you to either assess the free space you have or to clear enough space for the wine cooler.

The most popular size of built-in wine coolers is 24 inches wide. Therefore, if you are designing a space from scratch and have the space, you will definitely want to choose this size. When shopping for a 24 inch built-in wine cooler, you will quickly learn there are many different brands and price categories to choose from.

The next most popular size is the 15 inch built-in wine cooler. This size is great for bar areas that have limited space or if you are ready to replace that old garbage compactor that came with the house when you bought it.

Lastly, the third most popular size is 12 inches wide. If space is really limited, you may want to choose this option. There are still many options to choose from when shopping for a 12 inch wide wine cooler.

In many situations, the cooler can go in the kitchen with the rest of your appliances such as the dishwasher. If you are planning to use a cooler in a commercial space, you will also need to ensure you have enough space under the counter to fit your chosen design.

Space to open doors

This is one of the considerations many people fail to make. It will be one of the main usability issues in many situations. This is down to two main reasons. The lack of space to properly open the doors and the inconvenience it can create, especially in tight spaces.

When you try to open the door, it might not have enough space to fully open due to the fact that the cooler might be too close to other surfaces. There are some designs which open the doors within the exact width of the cooler and this means that it won’t need any additional lateral space to fully operate while other models need the door to open past 90 degrees in order for the shelves to be pulled out.

The second problem might come with smaller kitchens where you would need to open the cooler from a side angle and not directly in front of it due to the lack of space. While this can be a solution in some situations, you at least want to ensure you minimize the discomfort as much as possible when it comes to actually moving the wine bottles.

Power supply

Another important consideration you will have to make comes with the power supply. If you don’t have immediate access to electricity to power your cooler you will need to find a heavy duty extension cord and the best non-intrusive way of installing it.

This is where it might get tricky and where many people would actually start to improvise. You want to stay as safe as possible and this is why electric improvisations are not the right way to go. If you choose the path of an extension cord, you need to ensure it is a high quality appliance cord which will not be constantly moved and removed as to affect the performance of the cooler.

You will need solid solutions which can be sustained. This is why it is so important to find the simplest electric power option which will always be stable and safe. There are many solutions you could also adopt which can also involve calling an electrician to install an electrical outlet right next to your new wine cooler.


The location in your home will also impact the placement of the cooler. For example, if you want to place the cooler under a counter in a basement, you will need to ensure the environment is right before doing so. Specifically, you want to ensure there is plenty of ventilation in the area and that the humidity level is not high.

With a high humidity, you will be exposing the cooler to damages in time and you may even be facing some safety concerns. This is why it is actually important to work with the best solutions when it comes to location. Find the best environment in your home, such as the kitchen, which has proper ventilation and try to fit the cooler under the counter and you’ll see great benefits.

Avoid direct sunlight

When choosing the best location, there are a couple of tips which might save the durability of the cooler on the long term. Thus, avoiding direct sunlight and ensuring proper ventilation is crucial.

Direct sunlight might have a negative impact on the wine, especially if the cooler comes with glass doors. This is why many designs come with an all-black interior as to mimic the conditions of a basement. So you need to ensure you counterbalance this and avoid placing the cooler in direct sunlight.

Ensure ventilation

Ventilation is crucial in order for the cooler to work properly. Luckily, most under the counter coolers come with front ventilation and this means that you will be safe from any potential hazards. If your cooler comes with side ventilation you will need to ensure that those sides are not placed against any surfaces and that you have enough space for good ventilation.

Installing an under the counter wine cooler is easy if you follow these simple tips. They will save you from potential hazards and they will also prove to be good tips when it comes to assessing your needs before you make a purchase.

It will give you the opportunity to see what spaces around your home can be used to install the cooler considering the best practices. This is why it is so important to always follow the recommendations of the manufacturers as well as they can save you from unwanted situations.

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