Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler Review

Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler Review

If you are planning to store your favorite wines, then you need the right storage place to keep their taste and aroma at their best quality. The Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler is one of the best 32-bottle thermoelectric wine coolers today.

This product holds a large number of wine bottles and ensures they are kept within the range of temperature suitable for the kind of wine you like. You can set the temperature within 46°-64°F, allowing you to store the rich flavor of either red or white wine. The electronic control is found in the interior where you can also turn the light on and off.

The thermoelectric cooling system operates quietly to reduce vibration, therefore, protecting the wines from potential spoilage. Meanwhile, the racks made of chrome wire are made removable and adjustable, so that you can place your bottles easier.

Furthermore, the door has double-paned tempered glass for better air circulation and temperature stability. To ensure that light won’t affect the wine, the manufacturer used one LED light inside the wine cooler. This freestanding unit also has adjustable legs for an easier and more versatile installation.


Features of the Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler

  • A single-zone wine cooler with thermoelectric cooling system
  • Design type: free-standing
  • Features thermoelectric cooling system that ensures less vibration and noise
  • Features electronic control inside the wine cooler for easier adjustment of temperature and lighting
  • Features LED lighting
  • Temperature range: 46°-64°F
  • Elegant in its silver finish
  • Includes 8 removable shelves made of metal wire that allows horizontal placement of wine bottles
  • Total bottle capacity: 32 bottles
  • Features double-paned tempered glass door and a silver door frame for keeping the interior temperature at the right level
  • Has adjustable legs for improved versatility and ease in installation
  • Dimensions: 16.1” W x 20.5” L x 32”H
  • Comes complete with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • Weight: 45.5lbs.
  • Certified and ETL compliant with the US and Canada safety standards


The thing about large wine coolers or wine refrigerators is that they tend to be expensive. However, your budget won’t be a problem if you choose the Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler.

This model is 16” wide and 32” tall, allowing you to store your precious wine collection in one cooler. It offers quick access when you are ready to serve them perfectly chilled. Affordable yet reliable, this wine cooler is sure to offer a great value for your money. See what makes this a better choice over the leading brands as you read about the features and their benefits below.

Compared to compressor wine coolers, this thermoelectric wine cooler is better at maintaining the interior temperature without consuming too much electricity.

Therefore, it is not only easy on the pocket when you buy, but also while you are using it. This factor is really important especially if you intend to use this appliance for aging wine for more than six months.

When it comes to providing the best environment for proper wine maturation, this single-zone model is also reliable. First, it has an electronic control with LCD display found on the upper part of the interior.

There are only three buttons which make temperature and light adjustments uncomplicated. Meanwhile, you can adjust the temperature between 46°-64° F. This means you can either choose to store 32 bottles of red wine or white wine in there.

Aside from this, the door also makes sure that the cool air is trapped inside as it is made of double-paned tempered glass. Moreover, the LED blue light provides just enough lighting for the wines without potentially harming them as UV lights can.

Another feature worth mentioning is the removable wooden shelves. Lastly, as the name of the model already implies, the cooling system does work quietly, which means little vibration, minimizing the risk of disturbing the wine’s sediment.


One of the things that you should remember when using a thermoelectric wine cooler is to not put it in a room where temperatures greatly fluctuate because they are sensitive to the environment they are in. In other words, the room temperature can affect the interior temperature of the cooler. And it’s not good if it goes too high beyond the right cooling temperature conducive for wines.


Overall the Firebird New Thermoelectric Quiet Operation Wine Cooler is a great model for those who have a large collection of wine. It is affordable, reliable, and low-energy consuming. Thus, it is recommended.

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