Does Unopened Wine Go Bad

Does unopened wine go bad

Using a wine cooler will definitely come with some basic questions for the new owner. One of the most popular questions will undoubtedly have to do with how long wine will last in a wine cooler and if storing it for long periods of time will affect it’s taste and drink-ability. This means that you will be also in the situation where you might ask yourself does unopened wine go bad? This will especially prove to be quite a common question with rare wines as you will want to ensure they are good for consumption even after a long period of time.

The good news is that under these controlled conditions and with a proper packaging, wine can last forever. This will quite often depend on the type of wine and on the manufacturing process. But as long as the bottle was not previously opened, bottles can last for a very long time, much longer than most people expect.

Why cool wines?

Cooling wines is one of the processes which have seen the benefits of advancing technologies. Since the first wines were produced, people used to keep them in basements and cellar to perverse them better under controlled conditions.

These conditions would obviously include a lower temperature than with ground level storage and with the lack of direct sunlight. It would also prove to be the best solution in terms of long-term storage.

Wines are thus made to be served at a slightly cooler temperature. And since there are so many modern coolers to choose from, you won’t need your own cellar to keep them cold.

As you will notice, most coolers try to emulate the conditions in a cellar to a certain degree. Thus, they will come with an all-black interior and with proper temperature control which can range from 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, they will prove to be the most practical solution for the modern times.

Ideal temperature

As specified above, the ideal temperature will range between 40 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping wine within this range will help the preservation process. This also means that you will have the ability to keep wine for a long period of time. One common misconception comes with open bottles.

Even if you have a cooler at home, once you open a bottle you will need to consume it within 3 days. Some methods might help to increase this timeframe but generally speaking, you will have to consider the fact that once you open a bottle, you will need to consume it regardless of your cooling options or other preservation alternatives you might be planning.

Ideal light

The light also plays an important role in the preservation process. It is still not clear how light affects wine which is in a cooler. While these coolers might come with artificial LED light, having direct sunlight hitting the bottles through the glass doors might affect the long-term conservation efforts of your wine.

Thus, the best bet is to simply keep the cooler away from direct sunlight. This is why many bars come with coolers which are under the counter. The space never gets direct sunlight and is also easy to access which makes it perfect for short-term wine cooling.

You can also experiment with placing the cooler totally away from daylight in places such as basements. However, you will need to consider that these places might thus come with a higher humidity level which may not affect the wine directly but it can actually affect the durability of the cooler.

Open vs unopen

Another important discussion point comes with open bottles. Too many new users think that coolers or refrigerators can do miracles on the wine once open. The truth is that cooling an open bottle might add one or two days to its drinkability but, generally speaking, there is little these coolers can do to actually preserve the wine further.

Thus, it will be important for you to consider that the best preservation only happens with unopen bottles which are stored horizontally in a cooler environment. This will allow the bottles to serve their full purpose and will also allow the cork to maintain a level if humidity which is ideal for long-term preservation.

What about when you open a bottle by mistake? When you open a bottle and decide not to consume the wine you would still not be able to seal it back and put it into storage as the wine has already been in contact with the air.

This means that whenever you open a bottle you would have to consume the wine, regardless of your initial intentions. Many new wine drinkers think that bottles can be opened and closed multiple times, but in reality, wine goes bad very quickly after you open a bottle.

Wine stoppers

A solution in this situation can be a good wine stopper. This can add up to two days of conservation once the bottle was opened. So if you want to keep drinking the wine for a few days, you might benefit from using a wine stopper. This will work for both red and white wines and the good news is that it will allow you to consume the wine at a controlled pace, especially if you are drinking it by yourself.

There are many wine stoppers on the market and a good design should come with two main characteristics which include weight and sealing. A good weight and a sealed design will mean the stopper can work as intended and it can actually add up to two days of drinkability to your open bottle of wine.

As you can see, wine coolers can come as one of the best options for long-term conservation. Short-term conservation can only benefit from solutions such as wine stoppers and it will prove to have a small impact on an already opened bottle. You will have the ability to choose a cooler which can thus serve the number of bottles you want to preserve and if you make the right decision and keep the cooler in a good space it can make your wine last for years and years.

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