Can a Wine Cooler Be Used As a Refrigerator

Can a Wine Cooler Be Used As a Refrigerator

Many people purchase a separate wine cooler for their precious wine, but most of them back out when they see the price. Why? Because they are just too expensive knowing that they can only put wines in there. However, this is a misconception.

So, Can a Wine Cooler Be Used As a Refrigerator? Definitely!

In this article, we will discuss some other uses for wine coolers so that you can get the most out of your purchase. Check the information below to find out.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Yes, you can store your soda and bottled water in your wine cooler at 50°-64°F or at 40°-50°F. This way, the whole family can use the cooler and enjoy a refreshing drink of their choice. Other beverages you can store are lemonade, fruit juice, and iced tea—but not milk. If you are storing milk-based drinks, keep the temperature at below 40°F and use it as soon as possible.

Beer and champagne

Every champagne lover knows that this wine is best served when chilled. Before you pop the cork, let it first sit inside your wine cooler for several hours. Aside from cocktails, you can also store beer whether it is in a can or in a bottle. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the different temperature required for the specific type of beer. For strong beers like dark ale, keep the temperature between 55-60°F. For standard ales, set the wine cooler at 50°-55°F and 45°-50°F for lagers and other light beers. If you have more than one kind of beer to store, experts say you can compromise at 50°-55°F. Or if you have dual zones, then you can store them separately.

Fruits and vegetables

How can a wine cooler be used as a refrigerator? Try storing food in there and see that it is even better than your home refrigerator, especially for fruits and vegetables. Some fruits like apples do not need refrigeration, but storage in a wine cooler can help prolong its life and quality. If you are keeping your wine inside the wine cooler, do not place strong smelling fruits for they may affect the flavor of your wine. As for vegetables, do not store onions and garlic in your wine cooler.


Cheese can also be stored together with your white wine, specifically hard cheese and washed rind cheese because they need the same level of temperature of 40°-50° F. to keep them in good quality. If you have semi-soft cheese, it is better to keep the temperature at 40°-45°F.


If you have the right wine to pair with chocolates, then you might as well keep them in one wine cooler. However, you might only do this if you have a dual zone cooler because the ideal storage temperature for chocolate is between 59°-63°F. The disadvantage of putting your chocolate in a standard refrigerator is exposure to other food and odor which can affect the taste of the chocolate.

Olive oil

Olive oil is said to be best kept in wine cellars. Therefore, it is also ideal to be stored in wine coolers at 57°F. According to studies, if your olive oil is left on the cupboard shelf for six months, about 40% of its flavor is lost. This could be a real problem, especially because people don’t consume all of their olive oil within six months.


Yes, aside from food and beverages, you can also keep your drinking glasses in there. You will just be cooling them, not freezing. Cold glasses will only shatter if you pour hot liquid into them. If you want a chilled glass of wine, beer, or champagne, put them inside the wine cooler for a few hours before you use them.

Aging cheese

If you are making cheese, you need a storage area that keeps them at a warmer temperature to extend their freshness. Just add tubs of water to improve the humidity level of your wine cooler and adjust accordingly for different types of cheese. Dual zone wine coolers are better because you can make and age different cheese at once.

Commercial kegs

Alternatively, you can convert your wine cooler into a kegarator for your kegs and homebrewed beers—that’s if you no longer need to use your wine cooler for your wines. Also, that’s if you are willing to add a faucet and other parts to make it a real kegarator.

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