Best Wine Saver: The Wine Lover’s Choice

Best Wine Saver

Are you anxious on how to preserve your wine after opening? Worry no more as wine saver will help save the day, or better yet your bottle of wine! This amazing vacuum pump tool will extract the air present in the opened bottle and reseal it using a reusable rubber stopper with just a single click. Get to know the best wine saver that you can use for your next events and gatherings.

Best Wine Saver Reviews: Top Three Picks

Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver

This wine saver from Akses Royal will let you enjoy your wine today, tomorrow, and even days after. You will never regret using this amazing tool as it will always keep your wine fresh and best-tasting even after days of opening.


  • Slow Oxidation Process

This vacuum pump will save your wine by slowing down the oxidation process to give you a natural fresh smell and original taste for up to 15 days after opening.

  • Prevents Bacteria

The vacuum wine pump will also protect your wine against bacterial contamination and growth that can be really detrimental to your health.

  • High-Quality Materials

This unique wine saver is made using the finest stainless steel and the strongest plastic materials. It comes with reusable 4-valve air bottle stoppers.

  • Compact

The Akses Royal wine preserver is an amazing pump that comes in small sizes. Its no-leak feature makes it a good companion for traveling and attending other important events.

  • Easy to Operate

This hand-operated pump follows three easy steps.  First, cap the opened bottle with the stopper. Second, place the pump over the stopper. And third, pump the air out until there is resistance present.

  • Customer-Friendly

The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty and excellent customer service. Every package of Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver comes with an operating instructions’ manual and a “thank you card” showing how they truly value you as their clients.


  • Keeps wine fresh and safe up to 15 days
  • Made from strong materials
  • Includes 4-valve air bottle stoppers
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Very affordable


  • Not suitable for sparkling wine

Oxo Steel Vacuum Wine Saver and Preserver

Oxo is a leading manufacturer known to develop little products that make the biggest difference. Their wine-saving tool is guaranteed to keep your wine fresh for a longer period as compared to a traditional cork.


  • Freshness Guaranteed

This wine saver easily extracts the air from the opened wine bottle. It slows down the oxidation process that can cause the flattened taste of your wine.

  • Easy to Hold

The contoured neck design with soft and comfortable grips allows you to hold the wine preserver easily. This structure also prevents pinching and slipping while you are pumping.

  • Easy to Operate

This tool requires only a few easy pumps to preserve the flavor and aroma of your wine. This is done by performing about eight pumps until the stopper forms a vacuum seal and extracts the air from the half-full bottle of wine.

  • Easy Removal

The Oxo Steel Vacuum Wine Saver and Preserver has a simple staying power and involves an easy removal procedure. You just have to push a tab on the stopper to release the vacuum seal in the bottle.


  • Guarantee freshness of wines
  • Easy to hold
  • Quick operation and removal scheme


  • Includes only two stoppers

Avina Easy Wine Stoppers

This resealable airtight wine saver from Avina can end your frustrations on how to store leftover wines from parties and events properly. It offers an upgrade to your wine giving you a happier, safer, and more favorable drinking experience.


  • Innovative Technology

This modern wine stopper is inspired by the combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary engineering to enhance your wine’s taste and aroma. It comes with an airtight seal that simply works with a lift and release system. Also, this comes in a complete leak-proof feature even when the bottle is lying flat on the surface.

  • Easy to Use

In using this Avina Easy Wine Stoppers, just follow these three simple steps.  First, insert the topper crown in the bottle. Second, push down to ensure that the stopper is in place before pushing the lever to vacuum-seal your wine. Pushing it up will unlock the stopper. And third, store the bottle and see how the airtight mechanism keeps your wines fresh for days.

  • Guaranteed No Leak

This wine saver offers you a spill-free feature. This will allow you to store the bottle of wine sideways without any second thoughts.

  • High-Quality Materials

It is made from the combination of stainless steel, plastic, and silicon finish material. All of which are carefully designed together to work great on your wine bottles.

  • Warranty

The manufacturer protects you with a complimentary lifetime “you break it, we replace it” guarantee.


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Stylish design
  • No separate valve stoppers
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • A bit pricey


The three best wine savers on the market were evaluated and compared as to their remarkable features and specifications. Among them, the Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver seems to be the most promising in keeping your wines fresh even after opening.

This vacuum wine saver from Akses Royal not only ensures the natural taste and smell of your wine but also helps in blocking the growth of bacteria causing spoilage. Its intuitive construction, compact design, and easy operations allow you to enjoy your bottle of wine even when you are traveling.

For its wallet-friendly price and 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, this Akses Royal Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver together with its four stoppers is definitely a good deal. Additionally, you have the option to buy extra 14 stoppers at a very affordable price for you to enjoy more bottles of wines!

Meanwhile, both the Oxo Steel Vacuum Wine Saver and Preserver and the Avina Easy Wine Stoppers also offer freshness in every bottle. However, the Oxo wine saver limits you to only two stoppers while the Avina wine saver is not on the economic and budget-friendly side.

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