AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler Review

AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler Review

The AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler is one of the favorite brands of wine coolers today. They come in varying sizes or capacity. So, if you are looking for a small wine cooler for your humble collection of wines, then you should consider the WC0006 12-bottle wine cooler.

It contains three metal-wire shelves that stores the wine bottles horizontally to keep the cork always moist. This model may be smaller than the brand’s large wine refrigerators, but it certainly boasts the same thermoelectric cooling system that the other models have.

It also has amazing features that make it a better, if not the best wine storage as compared to other brands on the market.

For easy temperature adjustment, the electronic touchpad is integrated on the door so that you don’t have to open it. It is also easy to operate because of the readable LED display, requiring only a soft touch.

Aside from this, the thermoelectric fan also ensures that there is minimal vibration and noise to keep the sediments of your wine undisturbed, guaranteeing a proper maturation process. Meanwhile, the double-paned door is also darkened to make sure your wines aren’t exposed to harmful UV rays.


Features of the AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler

  • A single-zone wine cooler with thermoelectric cooling system
  • Design type: free-standing/countertop
  • Features thermoelectric fan that ensures less vibration and noise
  • Features electronic touch-sensitive display control on the exterior for easier adjustment of temperature and lighting
  • Features LED light
  • Temperature range: 50°-66°F
  • Efficient in heat insulation
  • Includes three metal wire removable shelves that allows horizontal placement of wine bottles
  • Total bottle capacity: 12 bottles
  • Features double-paned glass door and a dark door frame for keeping the correct interior temperature, and preventing your wines from UV exposure
  • Adjustable legs for improved versatility in installation
  • Dimensions: 13.38” W x 20.27” L x 18.43” H
  • Comes complete with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts


Small countertop wine coolers like the AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler (WC0006) are ideal for those who are storing only a few bottles of wine for use within 6 months. This particular product is the perfect example that wine coolers are an economical way of storing wines for later enjoyment.

It is affordable yet reliable enough to ensure that your precious bottles of wine are kept cool and undisturbed during the maturation process. Learn about the features and benefits of this countertop wine cooler as you read on.

The price of this thermoelectric wine cooler is affordable, and if you buy this, you can expect that your electric bill will not be greatly affected because it consumes low energy as compared to compressor wine coolers.

But that does not make it less effective. In fact, this model is praised by consumers and reviewers because it is effective in keeping the interior temperature within the range conducive to your wine.

The manufacturer is able to do this by incorporating a thermoelectric fan cooling system that allows circulation of cool air inside the wine cooler. In this way, all wines are kept in an equal range of temperature, which is within 50°F-66°F.

To set the right temperature for your wine, you only have to press the electronic touchpad integrated on the glass door. The adjustment feature allows you to keep your wines in the perfect environment.

Aside from this, the thermoelectric fan is also responsible for reducing the noise and vibration of the wine cooler to protect the sediment of your wine. And to make sure that there is less light exposure or heat entering affecting the wine, the glass door is made double-paned.

This countertop wine cooler is not only lightweight and compact, it is also versatile. The adjustable legs allow you to place it on slopes and even maintain a quiet environment. And since it is small, cooling your wine is faster, making it possible to serve perfectly chilled wine quicker.


The major problem most people encounter when using this wine cooler concerns its ability to last. There have been complaints about the motor making too much noise after a year or two.

Aside from this, people also realize that this wine cooler, as well as other countertop wine coolers, is not ideal for the long-term storage of wine. They are best for use when you are opening and serving them within a few months of storage.


Overall, the AKDY Freestanding Wine Cooler with a 12-bottle capacity is still ideal for most wine enthusiasts and for novice wine collectors. It is affordable, user-friendly, and suitable for any decor.

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