Findingpinot, established in 2017, is set to become the leading web magazine dedicated to reviewing and blogging about wine coolers and wine accessories.

After managing an appliance store that has sold hundreds of different wine coolers over the years,  I decided to share what I have learned over those years with the world through this blog.

With dozens of first-hand, unbiased reviews to follow in the coming months, findingpinot.com blog will be the go to site to learn everything you need to know to make the most educated buying decision when it comes to wine coolers and wine accessories.

We take pride in providing honest unbiased reviews

What’s important is that NONE of the reviews available on findingpinot.com have ever been sponsored. The entire content on the website is written independently and authors receive no compensation from the wine cooler makers whatsoever.

It’s the online advertising and some small percentage commissions for products sold on Amazon.com, which enable my team and I to run this website (find more information in our Privacy & Affiliate Policy, here).

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